Zero to Influence


Many people do not know where to begin when building a profitable and sustainable brand. When creating a business model, most people forget one important step- that is influence. There are some people that seem to get all the clients, get invited to al the podcasts, radio and TV stations, get all the speaking engagements and work with the best clients. These are the people who have figured out how to carve a niche for themselves and grow influence there. I know this because I have built influence in various niches in 90 days or less. Zero to Influence serves as a practical guide to help you find a niche that connects with your core, understand your message, build awareness around that message, take that message to the marketplace, become recognised as the expert and build influence, impact and income. In 5 simple steps, you will be able to build influence in any niche you choose, in the shortest possible time.


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