Your Alpha Boo


She leaned on the black gate of their house, knocking with the little strength she had left after a battle of words and fists. She looked at her 1year and 7months old son pulling at her skirt without his sandals and just his diapers which was obviously soaked and then tears streamed down her eyes… Her husband of 3years had just thrown her out of the house without caring about the fact that it was about 10:45pm… She represents the voice of different women that have pleaded at different times out of agony that I should help them tell singles on my platforms not to make the same mistake they made when they had the time to choose who to marry. It’s striking that they even look beyond their pain to still think about YOU! Their regrets? They should have taken note of the vital signs in courtship. They didn’t know all the basic things to watch out for when deciding on who is right to marry. They were in love but ignorant about what love entails. BUT I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! I’ve compiled this book with you in mind touching those areas they never touched and offering practical tips on what to do, what to watch out for in a man and a better insight into what is obtainable in marriage no matter the feelings bubbling up within you. This book is a must have if your desire is to be fulfilled not just in marriage but in your life and career path. .


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