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It is hard to reconcile the former Anaya whose crave for high life led her into getting a housemaid and renting an apartment in a part of town her mother was sure they could ill-afford with the one that eventually gives herself up to the service of sick and traumatized girls using parts of her Maiduguri mansion as a rehabilitation centre. Her miraculous transformation happens exactly halfway through the book.

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Wrecked is the story of four women:

Anaya, hurt, scared and scarred by one incident in her childhood. She wants it all. She requires just as much power as any man. And power, for Anaya, means the ability to rule her home, or the heart of a man, on her terms.

Hauwa, a teenager forced to wed a man in his thirties, a man who sees marriage as a means to act like a depraved animal.

Laraba, abducted and abused by Jihadists, escaped from captivity but is fighting another war and bearing her pain with dignity.

Kuku, who yearns endlessly and in vain for her father’s love, then tries to find in the arms of a million lovers and the one man who claims her for his own.

It shows insight into the lives of many women, their struggles and amazing capacity to cope despite life’s many hurdles. It is a tale of strength, resilience, cruelty, beauty, love, hate and life—the denominator that brings all humans together.

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