Why Life Is So Hard

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Why Life Is So Hard book is based on how to live a more understandable and easy life. A lot of people are in their Youthful and Adult age but still living like they are adolescents because they don’t have the mind of their own which is why life is more confusing and hard than it should be for them and will definitely be worse in the future. They are stuck with the same old mentalities, teachings, knowledge, crowd following, and beliefs.

The world keeps evolving and changing form but they are still where they are because they lack the vision to see and mind to accommodate new mental understanding, teachings, knowledge, and beliefs that will positively impact their lives. The book talks about our unacceptable reality as humans while leaving in the misconception of what we believe our reality is in many instances, and one of the important things we need to learn in life is the uncertainties and unending change in life and our existence because of differences in Individuality, Culture, Beliefs, Race, Mission, and Desires, etc. The journal is in two parts, First part talks about why life is hard and ways to manage life’s hardship. The second part talks about effective measures to a sustainable successful life. It is a book that will help liberate peoples mind, gives clarity, improves lives and understanding about life.

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Adetunbi H Owolabi



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Why Life Is So Hard

2,400.004,000.00 (-40%)

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