When Fishes climb trees

Every​ child​ comes​ into​ this​ world​ with​ a​ purpose​ and​ destiny​ to​ fulfil. Find​ out​ how​ by​ reading​ this​ book​ written​ by​ Kingsley​ Obom-Egbulem,​ children​ minister,​ teens​ coach/mentor,​ parenting​ counsellor​ ​ and​ Head​ of​ the​ Junior​ Church,​ Daystar​ Christian​ Centre,​ Lagos.​ Kingsley​ comes​ to​ a​ hard,unusual​ evidence​ based​ conclusion​ after​ 20​ years​ of​ teaching,​ counselling​ children​ and​ teenagers​ and​ leading​ them​ to​ Christ. This​ book​ helps​ you​ discuss​ and​ answer​ the​ purpose​ question​ with​ your​ child…​ and​ provides​ a​ simple​ guide​ for​ helping​ them​ figure​ out​ why​ they​ were​ born.


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We​ are​ told​ every​ child​ is​ born​ with​ a​ purpose…and​ no​ child​ is​ an​ accident.​ So,​ how​ come​ we​ struggle​ when​ it​ comes​ to​ helping​ our​ children​ discover​ the​ purpose​ why​ they​ were​ born?​ How​ come​ we​ prefer​ to​ impose​ our​ ideas​ and​ thoughts​ about​ why​ they​ were​ sent​ here​ by​ God?​ How​ come​ we​ often​ find​ it​ difficult​ accepting​ our​ children’s​ ​ idea​ about​ it​ is​ they​ were​ sent​ here​ to​ do​ by​ true​ creator? “Daddy,​ why​ am​ I​ here,​ what​ is​ my​ purpose?” “What​ is​ my​ assignment​ on​ earth?” You​ can’t​ imagine​ the​ number​ of​ parents​ who​ would​ do​ anything​ to​ avoid​ being​ asked​ those​ tough,​ million​ dollar​ questions? Helping​ children​ answer​ the​ “purpose”​ question​ is​ not​ a​ stroll​ in​ the​ park.​ But​ help​ is​ not​ always​ far​ away​ especially​ from​ children’s​ ministers,​ teens​ coaches​ and​ counsellors​ like​ Kingsley​ Obom-Egbulem​ who​ have​ walked​ this​ journey​ with​ kids​ ​ for​ close​ to​ two​ decades.​ That​ is​ why​ When​ Fishes​ Climb​ Trees​ was​ written. “As​ I​ pondered​ each​ day​ of​ my​ nearly​ two​ decades​ of​ ministering​ to​ children,​ teenagers​ and​ leading​ them​ to​ Christ​ I​ can​ help​ but​ ponder​ on​ the​ purpose​ question”​ says​ Kingsley. “And​ the​ more​ ponder​ the​ more​ I​ became​ even​ more​ amazed​ at​ this​ mystery​ called​ purpose​ and​ its​ connection​ with​ a​ child’s​ ‘talent​ and​ passion’​ and​ how​ God-​ in​ His​ wisdom​ has​ packaged​ our​ wealth​ and​ fortune​ inside​ us​ such​ that​ we​ become​ rich​ by​ simply​ doing​ the​ things​ we​ love​ and​ loving​ the​ things​ we​ do.​ And​ any​ shift​ in​ that​ equation​ becomes​ a​ route​ to​ frustration,​ misery​ and​ ultimately​ poverty,​ and​ then​ an​ unfulfilled​ life​ that​ could​ either​ end​ in​ depression​ or​ suicide.”​ says​ Kingsley “So,​ what​ has​ this​ got​ to​ do​ with​ me?”​ you​ ​ may​ be​ wondering​ aloud. A​ lot…if​ you​ are​ a​ parent,​ a​ grandparent​ an​ aunty,​ an​ uncle,​ teacher,​ school​ owner,counsellor,​ children;s​ church​ teacher​ and​ indeed​ any​ one​ who​ plays​ an​ important​ role​ in​ shaping​ the​ life​ and​ destiny​ of​ a​ child.


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