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I wrote this book because I wanted to help women understand that though there are terrible men out there, there is a chance of avoiding those ones and actually getting the kind of men that are good for them. I wrote this book because of my background of having a child at 19, 14 heartbreaks and 15 Abortions before I got married . I groped so much in the dark trying to find love until I found the button that works. Now, it is my honour as Relationship Coach, Matchmaker and Therapist to share all these learnings from my experiences with you in WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY TASTE IN MEN? Chapter 1 talked about what you should look for a man with the title WHAT DO YOU WANT IN A MAN? as many women do not know exactly what to look for. Most single women are all about money, looks and ephemeral things like that only to cry foul when they can’t find what would secure their true happiness. Chapter 2 asks the blunt question ARE YOU WORTHY OF YOUR DREAM MAN? It is only fair that that you bring a lot to the table if you really want A LOT. I described in this chapter what your Dream Man wants from you. Chapter 3 is one of my favourites because it highlights LIES WOMEN TELL THEMSELVES. In this part of the world, lots of single women endure crap and live in fool’s paradise because of the lies they grew up hearing and believing. Some things haven’t worked for time immemorial and they are not about to work now. Chapter 4 describes in Details THE ANIMAL IN US which talks about the different categories in the Wolf Kingdom. These categorizations has to do with our personalities and why we behave the way we do. These include The Alphas, The Betas and The Omega Males and Females. Chapter 5 specifically describes THE CLASH OF THE ALPHAS which is why many strong personalities battle it out in relationships. Is the making of a Power Couple like Jay-Z and Beyoncé possible without totally loosing yourself? This is what you would find out in Chapter 5 Chapter 6 explains who THE IRRESISTIBLE WOMAN is. How do you become her? How can you make men see you, experience you and never let you go? I’ll leave you to find out in this Chapter. Chapter 7 helps you understand the man you should be patient with and the one that you should run away from. HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT will leave you more certain of whether a man will take you to the Altar or ditch you pretty soon. Chapter 8 highlighted my terrible experiences in DITCH THE SAVIOUR MENTALITY. Lots of strong women are attracted to men that they have to build and work on like their work projects. This is what has wrecked so many women leaving them with the bitter taste of heartbreaks after finding out that they are not God but only human beings who cannot repair another human. Chapter 9 is titled GET HIM NOW because it teaches you how to get your man without him knowing that you are the one getting him. It teaches you how to make him want and get you home to Mama. Chapter 10 tells you HOW TO GET THE RING because some women have been with a man for so long yet they are not married because the man is keeps them on a leash and yet he isn’t going forward with the wedding and marriage. This Book is a block buster because it is information that transcends theory. It is a combination of different learnings of about 15 years. I know you would read and send me a thank you note just like many who have read it before you have done.

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