This Love Matter Sef!

This Love Matter Sef!


Is there a straight forward formula or rule to a happy relationship? No, there are no straight forward rules. This is because every relationship is different. The relationship between Mr. A and Ms. B is different from that between Mr. C and Ms. D. Attempting to dictate exactly how everyone’s relationship should work is synonymous to saying that each person should use or copy the same answer booklet when in fact everyone has a different question paper. Nevertheless, there are certain principles which should be in place for every relationship that desires success.

This book identifies the different love stages and the challenges that come with each love stage whilst advancing practicable solutions. The first thing to do before reading this book is identify your love stage on the map.

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1. I’m not sure I want to get married at all.
2. I want to get married sooner or later. Under this category, some have suitors already but they aren’t sure if the person is right for them or not.
3. I want to get married but haven’t found the right person yet and no one is coming.
4. I have found the right person but we are not yet ready to get married.
5.I have found the right person and we are about to get married, i want to know the things that sustain a happy lifelong marriage.
6. I am married already and i desire to make my union sweeter and better
7. Due to my horrible past, I feel too guilty to love or be loved.
8. I have been broken hearted in the past and I’m close to giving up on love.
9.Im thinking of getting married to someone who lives in a different country. 10. I want to get married someday but are not of age.
Upon checking the map on page (v), one may then proceed to read the parts that talk on his/her love stage.

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