The Uncommon Woman


Have the overwhelming responsibilities of marriage, motherhood and possibly a job taken its toll on you such that you have deprioritized your dreams? Are you living a life less than you know you are capable of living? Author Iphie Chuks-Adizue has been there. In The Uncommon Woman book, she shares how a revelation from God on the life of the Proverbs 31 woman helped her create a road map to transforming lives from dreary to beautiful…starting with hers. Unquestionably, the Proverbs 31 woman was definitely an Uncommon Woman, laden with so much lessons for today’s woman seeking all-round success. However, how can we effectively learn from the Virtuous Woman when over 95% of the literature written about her center around only being good daughters of God and home-makers? This is definitely not wrong, but for crying out loud, this is the 21st century and women have more roles and responsibilities on their plate. In addition to being daughters of God and home-makers, women now work and contribute to the financial needs of their homes. The 21st century woman therefore desires amongst other things to be successful and financially independent. She desires to give her family the dream life; whilst being a good mother to her children – training them to be strong, confident and independent. Today’s woman desires more than enough so her family can enjoy those dream vacations and still have size-able funds in savings and investments. So what happened to teaching women how to have flourishing and profitable businesses or careers; and just like the Proverbs 31 Woman, how to manage them alongside being a wife, a mother and an individual? Or how to uncover purpose, build wealth and positively impact nations in ways that please the Creator? Or better still, how to REALLY make the hearts of our husbands trust us. Not just whispers of ‘I love you’ triggered by sensual pleasures or romantic moments that are easily forgotten by morning, but the real deal – the love, space, authority and unwavering support to become true Women of Substance.

The book – The Uncommon Woman – will take you by the hand to teach you all that and more! It is a ten-week guide to transform your life step-by-step from what it is today to ALL you were created to be! Learn how to uncover, live and profitably pursue your God-given purpose and grow your wealth in ways that positively touch lives whilst remaining a pillar of strength and positive influence in your home.


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