The Tiny Big First Step


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The Tiny Big First Step is different from your usual book because it uses practical themes such as a playlet and showcases personal experiences of day to day people and how they have been able to overcome procrastination, The book highlights 20 reasons why people procrastinate and once you know this you work at avoiding these reasons.

According to the author, you do not have to sink into the mire of procrastination. You can now overcome it and this book helps you do just that in very practical ways.

Do you always prefer to postpone your chores and do your tasks later and later never comes? Do you procrastinate at your tasks? Most of us procrastinate at one level or the other. The more you procrastinate the less you succeed. The less you procrastinate the more you succeed. The tiny big first step is a practical book that helps anyone who procrastinates overcome this human trait that seems to plague most of us. This book enumerates the reasons why we procrastinate and how to overcome the habit once and for all.

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Victoria Praise Abraham



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The Tiny Big First Step


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