The Switch- Perspective To Success


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In a world of rapidly changing environment where millions of innovations and ways of approaching task are becoming multi-dimensional and overly distracted with the advent of growing (unverified) information on social media, it has become increasingly important to master the art of adjusting on a need basis in our attempt towards accomplishing dream goals and navigating life experiences. Switching strategies and creating perspectives to success is inevitable hence my desire to relate a young mind’s experience towards shaping the critical thinking process of growing, achieving, sustaining, and influencing our world. There are many misconceptions about what it means to be successful or how people achieve success. These are the days where people seek validation of their actions and judge their success by what others have achieved in life or along the journey without been privy to the process or steps taken towards such achievement. What does it mean to be successful, how do you sustain success and reproduce success to longevity and acceptance, who should be looked up to for mentorship and pinpoints to identify one of such? Should we even be dreaming of some things and if so, what are the things required in churning out successful outcomes of various ventures.

Across these stages of life, we find balance, validation, achievement, influence, and relationships, switching from one phase to the other, how successful are you at each stage, did you find peace and satisfaction, what should have been done and required guide. Self-discovery is a process embedded in various lines and affirmed by different theories required for the knowledge-based strategy to develop individual abilities and capabilities. The Temperament Theory, Interactive Styles, and Cognitive Dynamics discussed in this book opined the role of developmental stages towards life achievement with a successive switch in time towards the consolidation of various links towards achieving success. Success is exemplified in various forms, passion, motivation, risk-taking, self-belief, adaptability, flexibility, knowledge, money management skills, getting the right connections, preparedness, and ability to question self and norms. Successful people exhibit common traits of Self Drive toward their dreams, Self-reliance on innate capacities and technical skills, Will Power to make things happen and start off from self-determination, Patience which is a virtue of successful people, Integrity very key towards becoming a vibrant brand, Passionate about what they believe in, Optimism and focus in their dream, Connection with the right people who can help shape their world, Communication in a proper way to give the right impression for desired feedback. Success won’t just happen by accident, it is a conscious effort to get something done with reason. Making money is the desire of everyone and a measure of net worth in some way but, money has different forms, patronage could come as a result of your integrity, moving up the ladder in your career could depend on your attitude to work, peers and relationships, your skills and capabilities make way for you to get wealthy and your circle of friends could be the ones opening doors of opportunity for you- these forms of money have more power than your physical cash or bank account- there are situations that physical cash cannot salvage, learn the tricks. In this book, more discussions on types of money, steps to making and keeping money would be discussed at length, read it with focus and an open mind to see the inherent message for your adoption. To become successful, manage or sustain success, improve success and leave a lasting legacy, you must understand the timing to SWITCH between strategies, career, action, relationships, conversation, location, mindset, and aspirations. A top is a lonely place and only the brave-hearted can stay focused at the top.

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The Switch- Perspective To Success


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