The Silent Years Of God’s Elect


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God used the burning Bush to get the attention of Moses so He could speak to him and thoroughly prepare him for the mighty deliverance of His people from the bondage and captivity of Egypt. This book chronicles the author's personal experience in the University of Silence under the watchful eyes of His creator. Some of the profound lessons he learned are:

1. That God will meet all financial needs even when He leads us out of our regular place of supply.

2. It is best to obey God no matter how unreasonable it sounds.

3. God's eternal purpose for our lives should be our sole focus and nothing else.

This book will surely enrich your understanding of God and your walk with Him. You only truly learn when you are silent and listen, God cannot speak to you except He first gets your attention. Explore the wisdom gleaned through the silent years.


Segun E. Olugbemi is a consummate Minister of the gospel who has pioneered and pastored several Churches within Nigeria in over 35 years of Ministry. Prior to his new assignment, he pioneered and presided over sixteen Churches in different parts of Nigeria. He exercises Apostolic and Mentoring oversight over several Churches and Ministries. He has pioneered Bible schools and Leadership Institutes.

He is an Apostle to Nations, A Conference Speaker, Philanthropist and Author of several books available on He is the International Director of Global Transformation Initiative, a multifaceted Ministry networking with Pastors, Churches, Ministries, and Charity Organizations. His mentoring programs include Cutting Edge Network, 21st Century Leadership Network and Obadiah Commission where Ministers and Christian Leaders are mentored, renewed, regularly updated and supported.

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The Silent Years Of God's Elect


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