The Pragmatics of Real Change


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The Pragmatics of real CHANGE aspires to provide answers to these questions and provide suggestions as to how we can at least get on this path to the ‘promised land’.


Since the late sage Obafemi Awolowo wrote his Path to Nigerian Freedom or even before, Nigerians have yearned for a better country and many politicians have promised to take Nigeria to the promised land. In 2015, the bandwagon of populism was tagged CHANGE. Notwithstanding the fact that it was not different in the nature of the promises or the way it was sold, many Nigerians followed the wagon especially youths. Many have since voiced their regrets about that decision to believe in the possibility of Nigeria achieving its massive potential via that vehicle. How have we as a country been eluded of a true team of leaders who are bent on putting us on this path to freedom? Is the CHANGE from this Nigeria to a better one so elusive that we cannot seem to get on that path after 57 years of independence? Even after the late sage Chinua Achebe wrote the trouble with Nigeria identifying what the trouble is, why have we not been able to end these troubles? The Pragmatics of real CHANGE aspires to provide answers to these questions and provide suggestions as to how we can at least get on this path to the ‘promised land’.

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Jude Feranmi Adejuwon




Gihon Publications


189 (Paperback)

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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Nwankwo Godson

    I was almost losing hope of my dream Nigeria until I came in contact with the pragmatics of real change, I collected the book from a friend who suggested I should read it…when I started reading the book,I was astonished on how a very young Nigerian could develop such a blueprint towards a great Nigeria, it was in a dimension I haven’t seen before in the few books I’ve red about Nigeria.

    After reading the books,I realized that every single decision I make affects our nation directly or indirectly, I realized the roles I can play from where I am towards achieving the Nigeria I dream of…the pragmatics of real change is a catalyst for national transformation and is a book every Nigerian alive must read

  2. 03

    by Ibukunoluwa Adebayo

    Jude’s passion for Nigeria and is willingness to see Nigeria become a better country is undeniable and this speaks forth so loudly from the pushes of this book. This book is the gateway to a millennials mind for the future of his country. Definitely a must read for everyone who’s inquisitive about Nigeria‘s root problems and the solutions to them

  3. 03

    by Ohimai Amaize

    The author Jude Feranmi makes a compelling argument around the practical issues that define Nigeria’s democratic experiment. It is a book for the young and old. It is a book for believers and skeptics. It is a book for those who want to see Nigeria rise from the ashes of misgovernace into the pinnacle of national greatness.

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The Pragmatics of Real Change


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