The Internet is Flat and Other Lessons for Online Safety


The Internet is Flat and Other Lessons for Online Safety

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One of the greatest desires of children everywhere nowadays is to own mobile phones and tablets. They also desire to be on social media platforms. As much as children need the internet and digital devices for academics, entertainment and socialization, we also know the risks that lurk around the use of these. One concern most parents have today is about the mobile phone use and internet use of their children. This concern is also shared by educators as schools seek a balance between educational technology and concentration of pupils. This book covers topics such as digital literacy, cyberbullying, pornography, online reputation and mobile phone addiction. It combines hard facts, colourful illustrations, short poems, stories and real life experiences to make children understand how to stay safe online and make the best of their internet usage. There are activities at the end of every lesson. It is appropriate for adolescents and teenagers. Parents can use this guide with their children at home and it can also be used at school.

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Chukwuemeka Monyei, Osasiuwa Edomwande


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