The Evidence

The Evidence


The services of Frederick, a dismissed Police Inspector who work as an unlicensed investigator, was contracted by Olabisi Ilesanmi, a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP). Ilesanmi wanted to track down his wife – Fadeke, whom he suspects of infidelity. Frederick recruited Raphael, his friend and a professional photographer and as both men staked out waiting for Fadeke by the hotel she was scheduled to visit her suspected lover, a group of armed robbers, led by George started robbing the bank adjacent to their stake out location.

Fredrick asked Raphael to take pictures of the robbery as it happened. Unfortunately for them, the robbers saw them photographing the operation and came after them to avoid leaving any evidence of their crime. Both men, fearing for their lives, attempted to escape but Frederick was killed. Although Raphael managed to escape the robbers, he suffered a gunshot to the leg and lost the camera. The robbers’ attempt to retrieve the camera led to a gun duel the police at the crime scene where one of the robbers was killed and the remaining escaped with over one hundred and forty-million-naira loot – the largest heist in Nigeria’s history. Unfortunately, the police saw the getaway vehicle and launched intensive search for it.


In the commotion that ensued afterwards, Raphael and Raymond Osinubi, a Nigerian-American, serving US Navy personnel, and the same man that Fadeke was seeing were erroneously arrested as suspects in the robbery. Despite realising later, that Raymond was innocent of any connection to the robbery, Ilesanmi decided to use his office to avenge the damage he believed Raymond had caused his marriage. In the days that followed, locating the camera became the greatest obsession of the robbers and the police, especially CSP Ilesanmi, whose police station at Surulere, had jurisdiction over the crime area.

There was immense pressure on the police to resolve the crime making the State’s Police Commissioner, the State Governor and the Inspector General of Police develop keen interest in the case. Matters took a new turn when the police recovered the getaway vehicle, driven by Demola, one of the robbers, after a fringe accident. As the news of the recovery and arrest filtered out, the camera also appeared from an unexpected source and was delivered to Luke Jamal, the Station officer reporting to CSP Ilesanmi at Surulere Police station. Unknown to everyone, Luke Jamal was conniving with the robbers and had plans to truncate the investigation.

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