The Dead Do Talk


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The past months have been the worst Amiphany, a researcher has ever lived, so she decides to take a trip to the village of Boshi for research work, so she tells herself, but this is her escape from the reality she denies. She wants to find a new life in Boshi, to forget about Wukie, her forever love. Except, Wukie is in Boshi, he still wants her and can’t let go. But he is not human here.

Boshi welcomes her, but Amiphany finds their ways mundane, deceptive, and manipulating her to believe in spirits and ghosts. We all come to leave, for earth is not ours. The question is, Do you believe in ghosts?

About the author.

Awe Ogon is prolific writer, poet, playwright, and published author who weaves her stories from the daily lives of humans.

She holds an L.L.B Degree and a B.L. Her published works include Secrets of the Book, Conversations with God, Misnoner, (a collection of poems) and Ayidah, a play which she also produced.

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