The Business Intelligence Cookbook

The Business Intelligence Cookbook


BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE COOKBOOK brings together in one book, concepts, tips and principles any entrepreneur at any level or scale can utilize to build innovative and sustainable businesses. In this book, we explore 5 major sub topics:

• Rules of Innovation – How to activate your inner eye to see and leverage difference to excel.

. Purpose of innovation include: To make profit,  Gain market share,  Guarantee business longevity

• Rules of work – Develop the right ethics to produce the results you desire. .

Five senior management and executive level in Multinational companies professionals from Nigeria and Europe share their top 3 to 5 tips on work that produces results

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• Sales: The Numbers Game – Don’t joke with the numbers, your money depends on it.

How much do you need? .

How many units do you need to sell to break even Tie your lifestyle desires to sales targets.

.Modern tools and techniques to generate sales. • Rules of Execution – How about increasing your chances of succeeding and lowering your risk of failure on your ideas and projects? Every idea looks like a success till you execute it and this is why many people have a long trail of failed projects. This section shows unbelievably easy steps you can follow to guarantee success in any endeavor in order to save time, money and energy.

Four Questions are answered:  Is it worth it?. Do they want/need it?. Can I do it?, How do I do it?

• Customer Service Hacks – Get them, pamper them, keep them or Pack Up.  A lot of times people misconstrue customer care or service to mean a department that helps organizations pack their shit and placate angry customers, making the other sections lax believing they would not have to interface with disappointed customers. There is nothing more false than this. While some companies get away with this due to their size and ability to drag in other innocent people, they do not last. Worse still, small companies with this mentality in their ranks will be kicked out of business in no time. Customer care starts from when you conceive the idea of the company, even before your first client. You must determine what the customer experience would be like from the first exposure to your brand or product up until when sales is closed and even afterwards.

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