The Better Life


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This life changing, paradigm shifting action catalyst has been written to jolt you to your next level!” It is loaded with life’s never aging truths and ingredients for the better life.

If you are at a point in your life where you are about to take a leap to your next level, trying to figure out ideas that can propel you to take that plunge, this book will push you over the cliff and provide that jolt to action.

About the Author.

Bola Olatunji’s instincts is driven by the zeal to study and understand people. With his openness to expansion of knowledge and practical workings of several things in life, his goal is to help people get where they want to be by aligning the individual with the right philosophies and thought patterns to do better.

He is a physicist, entrepreneur, speaker, Author, a certified psychotherapist, mindset and behavioral coach, brand consultant, a digital marker and strategist.

He has spent years journeying to grow in value in order to in turn help others grow in value and achieve more.
His life’s dream is to transform the lives of billions of people through teachings and mind transformations and helping people achieve their grand dreams.

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