Son of my Mother


Have you ever experienced the warmth of a mother? What about her other “unpleasant” features? Each individual has a unique motherhood experience and while quite a number have awful memories of their biological mothers, most of us can attest to that very special effect only a mother brings. In Son of My Mother, the author and other contributors open our eyes to the many forms and roles our beloved mothers take, specifically for sons. Recalling the past, they take us on a journey, scrupulously reliving stories and lessons about our amazing mothers. Yes, our mothers because as you read, you will also find yourself transported to days and times that have now become memories. This book no doubts upholds the great role she plays in moulding generations and the need for her tribe to be appreciated while they still breathe. However, it goes further to help sons tell their stories in a way that only they can. Like Son of My Father and Son of My Parents, this third volume in The Son Series will have the reader engaged throughout its pages and you, the reader, will enjoy every step of the journey.


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