Secrets to Defeating Diabetes using African Recipes

Secrets to Defeating Diabetes using African Recipes


The diagnosis of diabetes in an individual is often met with a sense of hopelessness. Though nutrition plays a huge role in its management, this is often challenging for people of African descent who love their rich and delicious diet. However, the regular African diet have high carbs content making it difficult to control sugar levels


Consequently, diabetic patients of African origin find it difficult getting meal plans that support their diet. This book therefore serves to eradicate this dilemma and bridge the gap in knowledge on the different combinations of mouthwatering African recipes that are healthy for diabetic patients.

About the author.

Uchenna Opara is the author behind the secret of defeating diabetes using African Recipe. She holds a BScN from University of Alberta and also a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. A banker turned Registered Nurse and an Educator in Health and wellness, she is passionate in impacting lives in her own little way by creating awareness in disease prevention and monitoring. Her desire is to use her experience as an African and her knowledge in the medical field to enlighten the public. She believes that health is wealth. Her work cuts across multiple disciplines. She is an entrepreneur and a recipient of various awards including Circle of Influence Award on health promotion.

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