Sakadelli: So When Is It Okay?


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Everyone has a story inside of them – a story waiting to be told, and heard. Sakedelli is one of such stories, and it is told in colourful and poignant language … a sing-song writing of lyrical prose birthed in a collection of witty short stories. Sakadelli’s poetry is evocative and its prosaic undertones are dare-devilry.

Sakadelli: So When Is It Okay is scripted in a multi-layered dimension, interlocking everyday personalities with uncomfortable situations through characters living the ‘savoir-faire’ life. As society would put it, they have politically correct imperfect lives. The characters own their sorrows as well as their joys, their disappointments as well as their exhilaration. But out of these experiences – many en-route to literal and metaphorical mountain tops or valleys – comes a melting pot of self-awareness, acceptance and, yes, wisdom … all of which make Sakadelli such a powerful read. Sakadelli is a celebration of life in all its beauty and chaos; a cautionary tale about right and wrong choices alongside their consequences. It is an eloquent protest against socio-cultural ills and subtle injustices we ignore.

Written in the first-person narrative voice of the eccentric heroine, Sakadelli, the narrator glides through each story to create a string of provocative and humorous narratives confronting pervasive social norms. It is a mirror depicting us in humorous ways; appreciating our follies and laughing at ourselves while deeply reflecting on the rules of engagement in life – including living & loving. Sakadelli will take you from innocence bygone to adulthood redefined, particularly as reflected in contemporary Africa. Sakadelli’s ideal readership includes a wide community of voting adults and mature audiences in their role as parents, guardians and mentors to the young and free-spirited. Sakadelli is awash with timeless, light-hearted parenting hacks. In many instances, it feels like having a conversation with your great-grandmother who’s wearing skinny jeans and stiletto heels, while swiping an iPhone! Sakadelli is written with passion and pathos on critical issues in this modern world. It is indeed a millennial book. Its unique and fresh perspectives laced with humor in verse makes Sakadelli a sumptuous literary feast to savour for a long time to come. Welcome to Sakadelli: So, When Is It Okay?

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Urionu Ngozichukwuka




Pyxidia House Publishers





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