Remaking Nigeria: Sixty Years, Sixty Voices


On October 1, 2020, Nigeria celebrated its 60th year of political independence. After sixty years of independence, most Nigerians, particularly the youth, hold the view that the country has failed to work for them in a way that is satisfactory and enduring.


This book seeks to give voice to young Nigerians, the critical change agents, to help the country understand and sharpen its focus on those issues that hold the key to its collective survival. Clearly, the new decade will be a defining moment for Nigeria.


Sixty years after independence, fifty years after a civil war, and at the beginning of a new decade, it is important that a new generation of citizens is challenged to reposition the country. From interaction with young people and discussions on social media, there appears to be a knowledge and information gap among young Nigerians about the history and socio-political evolution of the country. Beyond the lack of understanding of history, there is also a dearth of ideas on what needs to be done and how to get Nigeria out of its current situation.


This book addresses these problems. Contributors to the book are young Nigerians with fresh ideas on nationhood, democracy, and development. The book focuses on issues such as federalism, elections and democracy, constitutionalism, environmental justice, data and ICT, the economy and social inclusion, media and press freedom, youth engagement, law and human rights, education and social services, religion and multiculturalism, leadership challenge and good governance, corruption and accountability, foreign policy and regional cooperation.

A quarter of a century ago, Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, posed the fundamental question: When is a nation? Based on their background, experience and research, contributors to this book reflected on this question and other important questions with the aim of helping Nigerians understand and appreciate the formula for nation-building, and the strategic goals in the construction of a modern nation-state.

The essays are analytical, insightful, pragmatic and offer solutions to “the trouble with Nigeria.” We hope that they will inspire a new generation of Nigerians on what the country needs to do to fulfill the promise and hope of independence. A new Nigeria is possible. But it must be a Nigeria built around the motto of freedom, equality, and opportunity. It must be a Nigeria created in the image of Nigerians of the 21st century; not one created in the image of the British Empire, the Royal Niger Company, Sir Frederick Lugard, internal colonialists or the new imperialists. For young Nigerians to whom this book is directed, it is time to stop looking back or looking up, and as John F. Kennedy admonished, “…accept our own responsibility for the future.’’

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Chido Onumah


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Remaking Nigeria: Sixty Years, Sixty Voices


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