REBIRTH: The potential of a great nation

REBIRTH: The potential of a great nation


Rebirth: The Potential of a Great Nation highlights the potential of Nigeria as a great nation by discussing the past and present situation of the country and where it ought to be. The book shows the lamentation of the Nigerian citizen and tries to proffer modern and practical solutions to drive the country forward.

It is also a good read for those who have little or no knowledge about Nigeria as it critically analyses some problems and potential opportunities for public and private alliances. It serves as a Nigeria 101 insight for the modern day man whether Nigerian or not.


In Rebirth: The Potential of a Great Nation, the author performs one of the most succinct and comprehensive diagnostics of the existential governance and development challenges Nigeria grapples with since we began our nationhood journey in 1960. – Samson Itodo, Executive Director, YIAGA Africa.

In this book, we visualize through the author’s lens a nation where institutions should work for the common good of the people and politics is defined by a new philosophy of results and impact. – Lady Cherry Igbinedion, Deputy Chairman, Igbinedion Education Centre.

Rebirth: The Potential of a Great Nation is a powerful resource tool that consists of a robust framework for resetting our political and governance system to enhance the relationship between state and society for the betterment of Nigeria. – Jeremiah T. Useni, Former Senator of the 8th National Assembly, Plateau South Constituency.

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