Purpose in Crisis: Uncommon Secrets to Finding and Fulfilling Purpose in times of Adversity


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Crisis is a change. Everyone likes change but not everyone wants to change. A crisis is an unpalatable change, a kind of change that catches us off guard. We’re often not ready for crisis but when it comes we have an important decision to make.

The world has been designed by God to make sure change is constant. I believe crisis, as with any change, was designed to grow us, to make us better, and not bitter. God creates or allows change so that we can improve. Crisis fosters growth and improvement. No one grows in comfortable times, we only grow in difficult and tough times.

The key to thriving through crisis or adversity is finding and discovering purpose in crisis. In the word of Viktor Frankl, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”.

Purpose in Crisis was written to help you discover and find purpose in times of adversity, so you can not only bear it but thrive through it, grow through it and come out as fine gold. Knowledge of purpose in crisis will make you better, and not bitter. When you know your purpose, crisis will not punish you, it will polish you.


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Dr. Samuel Ekundayo is a Senior Lecturer, author, preacher, and transformational speaker. Often referred to as ‘The Purpose Preacher’, his mandate is to help people discover their purpose so they can maximize their potentials towards a fulfilled, influential, and impactful life to the glory of God.

As an internationally sought-after speaker, he has been privileged to consult for corporate organizations, as well as speak on various platforms including churches, independently organized conferences, and events all over the world.

In 2019, he gave a TEDx Talk on ‘Purpose, the ultimate cure to suicide’, an inspirational talk that has changed lives and helped many discover their life’s purpose. He is also the founder of Motivitality, a weekly motivational video series on social media with the vision of helping men and women find their purpose and maximize their potentials, with over 20,000 fans and over 200,000 views.

He has authored four other books – Arise and Succeed: Becoming the Champion you are, FIRED UP: The ultimate guide to focus and consistency in every endeavor; 30 Reasons to Stay: Say no to suicide and give life another try and THE WORLD NEEDS YOU: Life-changing secrets to becoming a person of value – all of which can be found in major bookstores online. He is married to a woman he calls his Treasure – Blessing Ekundayo – and they are blessed with two boys, to the glory of God

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Edna

    A lot of things in life cannot be escaped.
    No matter what happens, these things cannot be changed, the only thing you can change is the way you handle them. *Crisis* is one of them.

    How you handle a crisis situation is largely determined by the lens through which you look at the situation.

    If you look at a situation through your human lens, you might see it as a punishment for sin or one of the things devil sent to torment you so you want to pray and avert it. Which might not be God’s plan.

    But when you look at the situation through God’s lens, you will realize that something great is attached to it. Then you maximize the opportunity.
    The bigger crisis you surmount, the greater you become. That is your *track record*

    God is very calculative. He knows that after crisis comes *growth*. I’m sure that after the storm(Crisis) in Mark 4:35-41, the faith of many apostles increased.

    Ecclesiastes 3:1. Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. So when crisis comes, understand that something good is beneath it.
    *Naturally, people grow after crisis*

    Now the questions are?
    How well do you utilize times and seasons?
    How much do you know when to strike?
    How much do you know the right people to work with?
    Or have you been keeping quiet or shying away?
    Do you even know what to do in those times, I mean do you know your purpose?

    These and more are exactly the things Dr. Samuel Ekundayo’s *Purpose in Crisis* will do for you.
    The purpose preacher took his time to break down how to be productive in the midst of crisis. How to live *purposefully*

  2. 04

    by Opeyemi Adebayo

    Crisis is change!
    And change is what shakes you up for a new You to emerge.
    The book ‘Purpose in Crisis’ written by the purpose preacher, Dr Samuel Ekundayo dissects how what we fear and avoid can in turn place a cause in our hearts that would become the assignment we live for.

    He calls it – Purpose in Crisis.

    Dr Samuel says “Contrary to many belief, crisis is not designed to destroy you.” Though crisis may at first pose problem(s) at you, but much more, it introduces you to solutions.
    And that’s why you are created – To proffer solutions to problems; to fulfil assignments. This is a matter of your perspective, because what you see determines whether you win or lose in crisis.
    So, the next time you face a crisis, look for the opportunities it comes with and go for it.

    It is also interesting that when Crisis shake us up, it reminds us about how short our lives are, so that we can commit ourselves to understand and pursue the important things in life.
    Your purpose! Which is why you are here.

    So, choose to discover the positive purpose in your crisis. If you run away from crisis, you run away from your goldmine.

    Now, go get your copy of the book to unveil truths on how to live purposefully even in dark times!

  3. 04

    by Olugbemisola Olabode

    I want to say a big Thank you to Dr Samuel Ekundayo for writing this awesome book. Reading through it really opens your eyes to how truly God’s plans are greater than our plans.
    Purpose in Crisis really highlights the Power of our perspective. Your perspective determines what your stand will be in times of crisis and what actins will take.
    I love how Pastor Isaac Oyedepo said in the Foreword that Crisis can either punish you or polish you. if you fail to see opportunities in adversity, it will punish you but if you would lay hold of the opportunities therein, it will polish you and you will come out as pure and valuable gold in the end.
    This book, purpose in Crisis has so many nuggets and it is a must read for everyone. No one must be left out. I encourage everyone to get a copy. You will not regret it.

    Olugbemisola Olabode
    Speaker, Life Coach, Pastor

  4. 04

    by Olaide Ayinde

    Purpose is everywhere the carrier is. But the knowledge of this is vital. Since God is unlimited and he was able to fulfill His ministry regardless of all that He was surrounded with, hence, there’s no excuse for not Fulfilling purpose, even in crisis

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Purpose in Crisis: Uncommon Secrets to Finding and Fulfilling Purpose in times of Adversity


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