Obsessed about finding the one

Obsessed about finding the one


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This book is about my personal struggles in life. It walks you through my self-esteem issues growing up and focuses on the many times that I have considered settling just so that I can be in a relationship that was purposeless. It focuses on being content in your single season and discovering all of you while you are in the waiting period. I used to think that my story was a little over the moon but I also had the opportunity to try and walk in the shoes of others as well and got to hear and share their stories. We have to keep in mind that whatever we think we are going through in life someone out there is always going through something worse. I asked how they would know when they find “the one” and the responses were amazing. We must be grateful to God for every season of our lives and being content while you are single is great gain instead of going into various dysfunctional relationships just to fill a void. I also focused on abusive relationships in one section of the book because most people out of the fear of being single forever have chosen to tolerate and stay in relationships that causes more harm than good.


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