Navigating Change: Timeless Secrets for Growth in a Changing World

Navigating Change: Timeless Secrets for Growth in a Changing World


In Navigating Change, Niyi Borire takes us on a captivating journey to uncover some of the timeless secrets that promise growth in a time of change. From surviving sexual abuse as a child and his failings as a young man to the financial hardship he suffered in his university days, to his migration to Australia against all odds, Niyi illustrates how an underdog can win. Indeed, his story proves how a powerless person, if intent on the pursuit of his purpose, can navigate change and achieve a fulfilling life.

Niyi Borire shares his personal, candid story of overcoming disadvantages to thrive and achieve success as a Neurologist in Sydney, Australia.


This memoir speaks to everyone struggling through rapidly changing or frustratingly slow-moving situations. Navigating Change is not just another memoir. It is an inspirational book that will build in you the capacity and courage to sail through stormy seas. It will teach you the principles to become a pioneer of your desired change, without losing your identity, purpose, or individuality.

About the author.

Niyi Borire is a multifaceted and dynamic individual. An award-winning neurologist, neuroscience researcher, lecturer, author, speaker and change agent, he is on a mission to help people navigate change, without losing their purpose, identity, and individuality. He is the Director of Southwest Neurology and a neuroscience lecturer at the University of New South Wales. His research has won many awards including the prestigious Golseth Young Investigator Award, presented by the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM).

He is also the founder and host of Brain, Mind & Change (BMC) an online series which leverages on his scientific background and pastoral assignment, to teach people how to achieve mastery of their brain, rewire their mind and change their world.

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