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In this book she lets you into her thought processes and lessons learned from the Holy Spirit from what is a very personal study in the battle for her life. This book documents her experience in the valley of the shadow of death, where she found a God who is faithful to His promise never to leave her or forsake her. As you read this book, Liz has completed her treatment and had the pleasure to ‘ring the bell’ – something everyone who has been on this journey looks forward to.

Liz was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2018, as she was about to begin her treatment she believes she received instruction from God to document all she would learn as she dug into His word about 360 degree health and healing. In the course of treatment, Liz and dug deep to draw from Gods word the healing virtue both promised God’s children and purchased by Christs scourging, death, and resurrection.

In the pages of this book, she is as plain as you can ever believe. And what she shares will give you a new perspective and possibly battle plan for your own challenges. One thing is sure, this book will enrich your walk with God.

About the author.

Elizabeth Taylor, also known as ‘LizSpire’, wears many hats. She is the author of 45 Reasons Not to be Ordinary (2014) and Contemplations: Echoes of the Deep (2015), My Healing Playbook (2019). Liz is a cancer survivor and one of the habits she says precipitated her healing was her habit of affirmations. Her writing reflects her deep faith in Gods breath of inspiration and light that is needed in a world plagued with error, misdirection, and depression. She is a successful coach and mentor to start ups and mid-level managers; and has created several well successful online and group coaching courses including Ikigai: A Journey of Self Discovery.

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