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Money Wives is an uncovering into the mind of every child who encounters the suffering of this age- long tradition. The story depicts the never-ending struggles of being shackled to the concept and ideology of being property, rather than a human being. The narrator takes us on a journey that is hard to describe, and understandably so. We would soon see that this evil is woven so deep into our society, that it is easier to say we do not know it exists than to set that child free from its chains.

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In the Becheve community of south-eastern Nigeria, an old tradition of selling off young girls as brides for money has left many young girls desolate and abandoned with no hope for their future. ‘Money-marriage’ as it is popularly known, affects girls as young as three years old. They are sold into sexual slavery, and forced into hard labour to pay off debts that their families have amassed, sometimes even before these children were born. Missionaries and various organizations devoted to rescuing girls who have been sold off into money marriages have been threatened and warned several times to stop their work. Only a few children are rescued before they face decades of slavery and sexual exploitation, and are passed from one owner to another.

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Feyikemi Anifalaje



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