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Leap of Faith is a compelling story about singlehood, friendship and family values. A tale of three sisters who are dealing with the peculiarities of singlehood while upholding family values. Leap of faith is a unique book that redefines singlehood, it is not another book on marriage rather it is a foundational book specifically for singles or people in pre-marital relationships. It highlights the challenges faced by singles in our contemporary time, what the season of singlehood is all about and how to embrace as well as enjoy it while making the most out of it.

The book also discusses the essence of having intentional, purposeful relationships, how the bond of family is an invaluable gift and in the midst of it all, the role of trusting God in the journey of becoming. It does adopt the tool of the authors’ personal live experiences, live characters cum experiences of others as well as fictional stories and characters to discuss and buttress the message.


The linkages in the book are to create a connection between the stories and the message while highlighting what the reader should expect in each corresponding chapter.

It includes interesting stories & messages in chapters like : -Understanding Your Season (Why choose between settling & getting happily married)

-De-Toxify (How do you deal with letting go)

-The Gift of Mentorship ( Where are emotions refined to become convictions)

-The Five Star Single (What is the grand dream, preparing for a wedding or marriage)

-The Mystery of the X factor ( A blend of predictability and uncertainty)

-Singlehood & Purpose (Is marriage the destination or a means to an end) And lots more.

At the end of each chapter there are some exercises (action points) to undertake in the Leap of Faith Journal (LFJ) accompanying the book for reflection. It also has prayer points drawn from the discussions dealt with above for complete transformation with the information received.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Adanna Chikezie

    Sharing our stories is a beautiful thing but more so being an inspiration through our stories is what makes all the difference in life. Leap of Faith Book is a unique tale redefining singlehood. I have loved every part of the journey from the stories to the messages to the prayers and calls to action. I highly recommend this book. Thank You Roving Heights Book Stores

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