INANNA (every woman has her story)

INANNA (every woman has her story)


Inanna is an intensely gripping and deeply emotional story of pain and secrets that keeps you captivated – and hurriedly turning its suspense-filled pages till the very end.

When her widowed father told lonely, eleven year-old Barbara she was going to have a step-family, she was excited to have a full home again, unaware that it was the beginning of a journey filled with grief, betrayal and secrets.



A journey that would transform a wide-eyed, naïve girl into the beautiful and ultimate femme-fatale, Inanna Philips. Now, years later, Inanna has it all.

The perfect business – a Fortune 500 company, he perfect man – the dashing and wealthy Olabode Adekoya and the perfect house  a gorgeous, sprawling mansion that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Then, one day, she meets Joshua – and arrives home to find her beautiful mansion transformed into a damp, smelling forest infested with rotten trees and roaming wild animals and her perfect world unravels.

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Debby Osa


Elandi Creative House





1 review for INANNA (every woman has her story)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ose Olusile

    INANNA is Spirit inspired. I don’t need to tell you this. It exposed the underbelly of life as we know it, but shone His love into those deep dark spaces. It’s a love call, oh what love! Thank you for taking me into the realm of a deep understanding of His love.
    I have never been abused or had experiences close to anything like this, but yet, I felt laid wide open, then healed.

    I would recommend this book to, well, everyone. It’s so revealing, and then so healing. It weaves so many facets of life in Christ together into such a beautiful tapestry, that I could only gasp in awe.
    I trust the Holy Spirit to get this book into the hands of everyone He seeks to reach with its message.
    I trust Him.

    I imagine Jesus saying with such a satisfied smile, “Debby, we’ve got a winner!”

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