Imperatives of the Nigerian Revolution


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“The Imperatives of the Nigerian Revolution” is an engaging laborious, if disturbing, work which presents a contemporary understanding of the disintegrating Nigerian country in an interpretative analysis of socio-political forces, their emergence, metamorphosis, dynamics, effects and consequences from the viewpoint of a citizen deeply concerned to save the entity from her entrenched and mushrooming insanity.

Farotimi has not only brought great insights into understanding and explanation of Nigeria’s calamitous condition, but offers prescription for its redemption, essentially on a Ghandian Pacifist Model, as so admirably presented by Taiwo Akinlami, the well-known Child Rights protection activist and promoter, an age-long collaborator of Farotimi… I salute the patriotic passion and intellectualism of the writer even as I have reservations about his redemptive prescriptions. Nonetheless, the work is a strong nod that Nigeria despite her grievous afflictions caused and foisted on her by a destructive and disruptive elite class is not yet a lost cause.

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Dele Farotimi

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Imperatives of the Nigerian Revolution book

Imperatives of the Nigerian Revolution


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