How To Earn A Fee From What You Do For Free!

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Do You Ever Wish You Could Earn Money From Your Talent? You’re so skilled at what you do. Talented but broke. Gifted but stranded. Highly skilled yet beggarly. Wise but poor.

People marvel at the ease with which you sing, tell stories & jokes, write, speak, cook, network, paint, manage people, teach and lots more… But while the world feeds fat from your talent, you’re sinking in bills. You promise yourself that, maybe, you’ll land your dream job or stumble on luck one day. Hope is good! Except that, you’ve been saying that for 2…3…4…5 years now.

That day has not come! But your house rent, utility bills, data sub and—if you have kids— school fees have come. Enough!

Niyi Soyinka has come to the rescue. In this short but engaging book, you will find simple systems you can apply today to start earning from your skills, talents and ideas. In the book, you’ll find how to:

1. Discover your gift.

2. Develop that gift like a pro!

3. Create products and services around that gift.

4. Put your products and services in the face of those who want them.

5. Leverage the digital space to sell like crazy!

6. Build a strong network to scale your hustle for more income, impact and influence.

7. And do so while giving back to humanity.

You can EARN A FEE FROM WHAT YOU DO FOR FREE! This book shows you how.


About the author.

Niyi Soyinka, fondly called “The Success Catalyst” is a business coach, corporate trainer and lead strategist of BIGshot Consulting Ltd; a human resource development firm. He shares a deep passion to empower individuals and corporate institutions to discover, develop and deploy their potential for maximum Income, Impact and Influence. In the last 10 years, Niyi Soyinka has facilitated training sessions for several public and private institutions including Federal Capital Development Agency (FCDA), Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), Coca Cola, Godson & Hanson Ltd, Café le Bugattii, Royal Delicia, among others. He has also conducted hands-on training sessions for Click-On Kaduna; a Kaduna State Government programme in partnership with the World Bank Group and the Rockefeller Foundation, to promote digital skills among young people.

An alumnus of the prestigious Daystar Leadership Academy, Lagos, Soyinka also holds an MBA in Human Resource Management and has several years’ experience in the banking industry. He is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) and the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM). He holds an MBA in Human Resource Management.

In 2018, Soyinka served as a Mentor for the Coca-Cola #YouthEmpowered programme; a training platform designed to help youths discover themselves, understand their strengths and opportunities and offer them a platform for interaction with business leaders. Soyinka has also facilitated training sessions on Fate Foundation’s aspiring entrepreneurs digital programme in partnership with Facebook Nigeria. He serves on the Business Advisory Boards of ENACTUS, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Well of Excellence and The Eye-Opener Foundation. As a faculty member on, he serves as one of her leading mentors.

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29 Reviews For This Product

  1. 29

    by Michelle Daniels

    It’s not just a self help book, it a life manual, one you can relate to.

  2. 29

    by Akin Emmanuel

    I’ve gotten and read part of the book.
    Excellent book I must confess. I recommend it to all my friends.

  3. 29

    by Atumah Eseoghene

    This book goes with me everywhere i go…….the content of this book validates how to reinvent yourself, stay relevant and accelerate your progress anywhere , any situation .

  4. 29

    by David Daniel Bdliya

    It’s practical and the principles in this book can also be replicated not only in Nigeria.

  5. 29

    by Daniel Jonathan chawaza

    These book is a must have and a must for anyone who has or yet to start out in his or her skill or carrier

    It is a step by step guide to earn from what you do for free

  6. 29

    by Chukwuemeka Chukwuebuka Theadus

    Just discovered that most people who enjoyed my free services really wanted to give me value but my attitude was the one telling them no need sir.

  7. 29

    by Maji Peter

    Mr Niyi Soyinka has written a Roadmap that will change the course of history.

    After going through his Life Manual, I was able to closed a surprising business deal with ease.

    If you have not gotten, make it a point to urgency to order yours today!

    Thank you Mr Niyi Soyinka.

  8. 29

    by Ene Agbo

    This book “how to end a few from what you do for free” is not only a business book but a self-help book to help you in becoming the best version of yourself. What was said in this book, hardly do you see a Nigerian author talking about it freely.

    I read this book, took out the questions asked and answered them in the book so that I’ll be held accountable in case I go wrong.

    This book is eye-opening and mind-blowing. If you really want to grow and not only earn a few but become great, you need this book.

  9. 29

    by Osilaran ‘Jide

    Timely, Timeless and Apt principles.

  10. 29

    by Moses Samson Bamidele

    This here is the best book I have read in a long time, the values and timeless principles in this book would work for anyone who is committed and intentional about transitioning from financial crises to abundance. And even managing to change the world yet making money from their talents.
    If you’re tired of doing too much and getting nothing, this is the book for you. It’s a best seller

  11. 29

    by Pwausoko Tankipo

    This book is amazing, it shows practical steps into financial freedom just by doing what you are talented and gifted to do.

  12. 29

    by Deaso Omeghara

    This book is so great.

  13. 29

    by Michael Edward

    This is the best book I have read on discovering, developing and deployment of your gifts. Niyi did a great job by simplifying his thoughts yet communicating truth that if applied will shift you from your current level to your next level. This is a must have. Thank you Sir for writing this great book in such a time as this

  14. 29

    by Olaniyi Samuel

    This book is timely and recommendable for people that actually want to earn a fee from what they do.
    The author has really done a great job in solving a very critical and profound problem in this day and time.

  15. 29

    by Hannatu Jura

    I’ve got many names to call this book. It’s all-in-one, it’s destiny shaping, in short: a COMPENDIUM of answers and solutions. You won’t come across this book and remain the same. You want to be relevant on earth?then allow this book pass through you. Kudos Sir. Niyi. Humanity will remain grateful to you

  16. 29


    𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐓𝐨 𝐄𝐚𝐫𝐧 𝐀 𝐅𝐞𝐞 𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐃𝐨 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐅𝐫𝐞𝐞

    This Book is Well Organized, Easy to Read and Reference, and Is Pretty Comprehensive.

    I Call It; A Pure Brain Juice That Requires Reflections.

    Marilyn Munroe an American Actress Who Was Born in The Early 1900s’ Said, ‘The Sky is Not Your Limit, Your Mind Is.’

    Nothing limits success Like Having a Limiting Mindset and Ideologies.

  17. 29

    by Abah Andrew (Drew)

    In one word, how to earn a fee from what you do for free is a balanced book. It captures every aspect that guarantees good success.

  18. 29

    by Lawrencia onu

    This book is worth buying because the lessons from this book might just be the beginning of a better life for someone.

  19. 29

    by Godson Onophurhi

    One of the best self help books I’ve read..
    You too should give it a try

  20. 29

    by Joseph Okorie

    Excellent book. I strongly recommend this book if you want to charge your worth and start earning from your skills,talents and ideas

  21. 29

    by Oluremi Isaac

    The Book was intelligently written and value driven. I go so much value from the is a must for everybody to read.

    Thank you Coach Niyi Soyinka for this amazing Book

  22. 29

    by Pope Bukola Odedeyi

    Timely instructions for greater future. Very practical. This is a book a choose not to keep in my library. It’s place is on my table. We need to be seeing each other every waking morning.

    For me, it’s 💯/💯

  23. 29

    by Zkieljossy

    This book is timely . It’s a must-read for anyone who’s desirous of moving to a greater height.

  24. 29

    by Kehinde olayemi

    A great book from a great author!!

  25. 29

    by David Kadala

    This book is a balanced approach to fulfilment following your passion.
    It is a blueprint for a movement of people earning from the things that make them come alive…their skills, ideas and talents!
    Awesome one!

  26. 29

    by Joshua

    It fills the Knowledge gap needed for business in the 21st century

  27. 29

    by Femi Johnson

    Awesome piece. This book has the capacity to deliver anyone struggling with poverty. You have got all you have to make it. Make money from all that you do for free. You don’t need an office to earn a fee.

  28. 29

    by Ibrahim Manzuma

    It is so simple and can definitely be utilised my youth and adults alike.

  29. 29

    by Akwaeze Louis

    HOW TO EARN A FEE FROM WHAT YOU DO FOR FREE by Sir Niyi is one of the best books I’ve read in my life, and trust me I am a voracious reader, I’ve read thousands; yet, this book has a spot on my top ten.

    It goes beyond being a manual for business growth, it is also a manual for life. Niyi never told us that he was bringing in motivational too, we thought it was just the regular business book but, he just took the bar higher for writers.

    Neatly researched. Very practical.


    Are you confused and just floating through life?

    Waste no time in grabbing a copy and your life will be flooded with light and purpose.

    You want to rediscover yourself?

    Wait no more.

    Niyi is not your regular writer.

    This is his first book and there is a reason he is called ‘THE CATALYST.’

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How To Earn A Fee From What You Do For Free!

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