How the Mind Works | Steven Pinker


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How the Mind Works explores every aspect of our brains, showing that our minds are not a mystery, but rather a system designed by natural selection over years of human evolution.


Whether looking at optical illusions or religion, Mozart or films, Stephen Pinker offers us a new way of understating ourselves.

Steven Pinker is a best-selling author and Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for cognitive Neuroscience at MIT. Pinker has been awarded research prizes from the National Academy of Sciences and the American Psychological Association, graduate and undergraduate teaching prizes from MIT, and book prizes from the American Psychological Association, the Linguistics Society of America and the Los Angeles Times. He is the author of How the Mind Works, The Blank SlateThe Better Angels of Our Nature, and The Language Instinct.

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Steven Pinker

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how the mind works by steven pinker

How the Mind Works | Steven Pinker


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