#Hernortherstory – Memoirs of a Kano Kofa


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#Hernortherstoty; Memoirs of a Kano Kofa is a non-fiction story of Morayo Koleosho’s National Youth Service experience illustrated in words, graphics and pictures.

Morayo Koleosho’s regular life was disrupted on the day of her convocation at the University of Lagos where she and her friends received news of their posting to serve in the dreaded northern Nigeria zone. The notice was short and little or no time was available to properly prepare for the journey ahead.

Soon after she arrives, she discovers that she actually had pre-notions of what Kano was like. It was. Almost everything was worse by a hundred times; the weather, her lodge, her host community and the people in general. But amidst all the chaos, a mob attack, missed flights, a few bombings and other mishaps, she finds hope, family, friends, love. They helped her adapt and she began to see the whole landscape and experience through fresh eyes. Hate turned to love with each new adventure.

Morayo returns home with the State award for exemplary service to her community, changed forever by the experiences her service year granted her.

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