Her Rantings: a 21st century woman’s voyage of enlightenment


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A collection of memoirs, musings and ideas of a young cosmopolitan woman in her pursuit of enlightenment. It is an honest and utterly uncensored account of her voyage; each diary entry is an insight into the journey and experiences of her conscious awakening and quest to find truth. She is raw, organic, witty and completely unexpurgated in the way in which she shares her experience. Touching on race, religion, love, spirituality, friendship, relationships, history, self-discovery, purpose; ultimately, unearthing knowledge of self. Travel with her as she writes with pure emotions; ranging from joy to anger, happiness to sadness and confusion to clarity. Do not be afraid to unlearn false truths and start from scratch. Knowledge is power they say, this book illustrates that knowledge of self is nirvana.


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