Help Your Child Deal With Failure -before it happens


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Help Your Child Deal With Failure – before it happens is a practical guide to show parents how to help their children understand and navigate through failure.

Failure is an integral part of every human’s life, why then are we not taught about it from childhood?.

Why does society place such a high value on basic education but neglect important life issues like grief, financial intelligence, self-esteem and failure?.



Many of us who are parents today were never taught these skills, so when we have children, we don’t equip them either.

How can you teach what you don’t know? Therefore, we repeat the cycle of having children that life happens to, and they coast through it never quite grasping the lessons along the way.

Imagine a world where children are raised from home properly equipped with knowledge about real-life issues coupled with the wealth of education? Wouldn’t that be amazing?.

What to expect:

How to deal with your own failures as a parent Faith-based lessons from the scriptures.

How to help your child bounce back.

Things you may be doing or saying as a parent that could be leading your child towards failing .

Real-life stories of some of the world’s most successful people and their views on failure and more.

Equip your children with skills they would use throughout their lives; after all, you are the parent.

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Help Your Child Deal With Failure -before it happens


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