Get Up Get Busy Get that A


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Get Up Get Busy Get that A! is a complete look at the principles and techniques of academic success for every student desiring to achieve above average results. The book is a stepwise approach to academic excellence; beginning from awareness of self, to awareness of one’s learning environment and abilities, to detailed lessons on how to study properly with a view to making A’s every single time. In the book the reader goes from the conscious decision to excel academically through time-tested strategies of dedicated study, effective time and resources management, to a winner’s approach in answering exam questions. The book is full of real life examples and scenarios that we can all relate to, and is carefully written to ensure that the reader comes away equipped with all the necessary tools to score an A in every course or subject in the school curriculum. Useful both as a study guide and a motivational book, GET UP, GET BUSY, GET THAT A! is a wakeup call for parents, teachers and students, and it delivers on its most important promise, to take you from average to excellent!


Ifeanyi Uba

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