ENURESIS: A Distressful Disorder (Over Twenty Years Bed-wetting Experience)

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Bed-wetting is a disorder that has been left untouched and unaddressed for many years. And this awkward silence seems to be doing more harm than good, as victims are fearful and insecure, thinking they are only ones going through this terrible disorder. Being miserable and helpless is the exact definition of how they feel. I know this, because I had been there.

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After an over twenty years personal experience of enuresis, I could only conclude that victims really need a quick emotional rescue, as the psychological/emotional impacts of the disorder are more, deeper and severe than the physical impacts.

The realization of this need, coupled with the passion to help victims overcome their miserable condition, made me write this book as an avenue to share my horrible experience with victims, because I know that, when we know someone else or other people are going through what we are currently facing, it seems to calm our nerves and relieve us of our tension, that after all, we are not the only ones going through the challenge. And this often helps a great deal.

Also, there are many things the world seems not to know about enuresis. There have been many wrong beliefs and approaches in dealing with the disorder, many of which tend to complicate and worsen the situation. In light of this, the book unveils sound medical truths about ENURESIS.

The book also addresses the emotional damages that non-victims tend to perpetrate when they stigmatize and isolate victims. It advises the public on the right way to relate with them, support them and help them boost their confidence and sanity (mental health). The time is now to break the awkward silence and begin your journey to wholesome victory with confidence.

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ENURESIS: A Distressful Disorder book

ENURESIS: A Distressful Disorder (Over Twenty Years Bed-wetting Experience)

2,000.003,000.00 (-33%)

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