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Divine Intervention: Exploring the Effects of God’s Interventions explains how allowing God to intervene in your life can help to turn negative into positive.

Chinyere Almona walks you through the compilation of her literary musings as she reflects on the influence of God on a word prefixed with “dis-,” which connects to a negative situation. Her question became, what if God were added to that word, in the form of the prefix “His-”? For example, the word “disability” would become “His-ability.”

It is through the intervention of God in these negative instances that you can overcome. This book invites you to reflect on the influence God can have in your life. It is also an invitation for those who wish to experience real change in their life. This change in life and circumstances comes from fully engaging with God. You must be willing and obedient to the Lord for this to truly improve your life.

Reflecting on the transformational and reversal effect of any situation when the God-factor is introduced was both an exploratory and inspirational experience for Chinyere, and she now hopes to share this experience with you. Divine Intervention seeks to capture the essence and practical reality of God’s influence. Dive in to find inspiration to explore your universe for situations that can be reversed by His divine influence.


About the author.

Chinyere Almona, who is also the author of Divine Orchestration, is a versatile inspirational speaker and prolific Bible teacher; her overarching purpose is to inspire people to love and live by the Word of God. She has been involved in active ministerial work for over twenty-two years.

Professionally, she has over twenty-six years of work experience, providing strategic advisory support to companies and currently leads series of corporate governance interventions with institutions across sub-Saharan Africa. She is passionate about leadership and people development. In her spare time, she provides guidance and counseling for women, youths, and teenagers.

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