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Why is there sun? Why is there rain? Why is there night? Why is there day? These and more are as a result of God’s orchestrated design to establishing a likeable world. A world consisting of “pairs of opposites.” Moral coexists.

Deconstructivism is known as the systematic operation of balance, this is God’s design. Moreover, human excrete has brought about an unending sea of imbalances. More chaos than order. There ought to be a balance between these two – chaos and order – but there is more of one than the other. Too many extremes, no balance, one of such extremes is feminism. The most aching of them all. It brings a total shutdown to God’s design of a likeable world. A world of balance.

How about the ingenuity of mankind? Especially that of the African child? What is mounting roadblock on the freethinking of the young African mind? These and more debate worthy professions are honestly conveyed in this book. A self laden journey to a life of unconventionality.

Foze Franklin Odibo draws unexpected parallels and connections through his mindful thoughts. His cross-analysis on human conventionality and norm will inspire debates about the defining moments of present times.


About the author.

Foze Franklin Odibo is a writer, activist and a creative entrepreneur. He is the leader of the Black Intelligence Movement Africa. He is the founder of @bimalifestyle An outfit ardently supporting black intelligence, creativity, self reliance and nonconformity. He is also the curator at Bookola Mastermind initiative – a coaching platform for creatives.

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