What do you do when you see a “Danger Zone” sign? This book elucidates on the more dangerous zones – those without a sign. Whether to keep away from “dangerous assumption”, avoiding disillusionment of a “dangerous safety”, or escaping the company of a “dangerous many”, Danger Zone sheds light on Scriptural realities that we otherwise might gloss over. Like the distinctive encounter characterized by the glow that accompanied the appearance of Moses after he met with God on the mountain, the author has been able to capture the heartfelt need of God for His people – collectively deduced from his relationship with God and his intimate understanding of the aforementioned revelation. Life zones are wrapped up in codes. Men who make the most of their lives are those who know and apply the right clues. “Danger Zone” provides quality answers to questions individuals may not know how or who to ask! Danger Zones…when you sight one, discern. No waiting. No loitering. Keep moving!


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