CONSENT 101 “How Not To Be A Rapist”

CONSENT 101 “How Not To Be A Rapist”


CONSENT 101 teaches the reader about consent, rape, and how to treat women with respect; in clear and relatable terms. It is a handbook to guide against falling into sexual assault crimes.

Society is quick to judge men by a certain standard when in reality the measures and values of such standards have not been passed down to the man. Generally, we assume that a man should know what to do, when to do it and how to do it when we as a society have not done enough to teach the man what is acceptable and what is not.


About the author.

Olanrewaju Ojo is the creator of the Values and Vices board game, a game designed to teach kids aged 6+ life morals. He is a passionate morality advocate and continues to churn out materials that would advance the cause of raising better behaved humans. He holds a B.Sc. in Management Information Systems from the prestigious Covenant University and has over a decade experience as an entrepreneur working in the hospitality, entertainment, tourism, and creative consulting sectors.

He has initiated and executed several social orientation campaigns most notable of which are the Many Roots One People campaign, the National Portrait Initiative, and the Values and Vices school tour. He is a public speaker who engages the younger generation on living a positive life.

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Ojo Olanrewaju


Ojo Olanrewaju






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