Break The Alabaster


In today’s world, being a woman can be a very daunting task. The responsibilities from family, career, business and/or marriage often challenge as well as stretch, yet bringing out the best in her potential. In some cases, the woman soon learns to cope and juggle her various responsibilities and on other, she even dares to pursue her own dreams. This book challenges the all-time debate header and attempts to justify women as the sweet aroma they are meant to be. They are not hidden, but released like the pricey fragrance inside the expensive alabaster box, which was preserved, rare, unique, sought after but not utilized. Who is the woman? What is her purpose, strength, mission, and vision – to make babies and be in the shadows? Is she a force to be reckoned with – making an impact in the world and bringing positive changes tot he lives around her? Or is she a fraction of a population and a mere statistic? Break the Alabaster encourages women to break out and release their fragrance – to rise, determine their worth, set high standards, according to the will and purpose of God and be the aroma that they were created to be.


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