Bimpe and the Rich Man

Bimpe and the Rich Man


This story is all about a rich man and a female prostitute. Is it possible that destiny owes them a lot of things?.

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Isabella Amaka Juliet Chibunna




Isabella's Production Nig Ltd





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  1. 5 out of 5

    Sunshine Okoro

    BIMPE AND THE RICH MAN! It is a realistic survey of the inherent nature of man and how his society influences how he thinks and acts. Its language easily conveys the writer’s deep feelings for her protagonist whom she expertly draw to relate her (protagonist) day-to-day ordeals. I am overwhelmed with its critical thematic structure and plot; there is no hole left to be filled apart from the one in the reader’s mind. As you go through the pages of the book, you would in one way or the other relate its scenarios to your experiences or those around you. You will find out that at some point the writer exposes you to the dilemma of choice while ironically advising you to behave like her protagonist, at some other point she tells you the possible ways you can escape such societal degradations. I call it “a novel of ironic liberty.” No one is free from the slavery of an influenced society. BIMPE AND THE RICH MAN is a masterpiece you cannot afford to miss.

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