Behind the Little Bundles of Joy

Behind the Little Bundles of Joy


Behind the Little Bundles of Joy is a book written to offer single men/women, new parents and potential parents the right orientation and information needed to support them during their pregnancy and childbirth journey. The average married woman expects to bear a child and raise a family with her husband. As simple as this may appear, many are oblivious of the challenges and pains that they may go through regarding childbirth. Several women know only little – or at best, the things they were told by their parents mixed with several myths.

The men are not better off as they are also clueless about the entire journey. The book is to create an awareness, change mindset, challenge stereotypes, address biases and broaden perspectives.

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In the book, the following issues were addressed :

* How to manage the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth and nursing your baby.

* Debunking various myths people believe about pregnancy and childbirth.

* How to pick the right nanny for your baby?.

* How husbands can support their wives during pregnancy, labor, and nursing the baby.

* The never-ending debate on Vaginal birth Vs C- section (the truth and the myth).

* How organizations can retain human capital and be more inclusive with policies for new parents and much more.

The book will serve as a manual or guide, and reference material for women and the men that love them and want more positive outcomes for their own childbirth journeys.

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