Beggar of Kuraku


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The city of Kuraku had been the epicenter of the entire Yoruba kingdom. It was a city of commerce, peace and military power. Suddenly it was as if the ruling spirits had a quarrel with the community they had so favored for a long time. Omens, deaths, famine and other natural disasters became the order of the day.
After several abortive steps to find answers to the helpless situation, one of the most powerful diviners was contracted to help find answers to the mystery.

Adventurous steps taken by this great custodian of magic resulted in outstanding revelations and confrontations that shook not only the city of Kuraku and its environ but also the entire Yoruba kingdom.
Shocking events were brought to the fore, like the mysteries surrounding a young disabled beggar in town and the emergence of other mysterious and diabolical supernatural personalities bent on changing the natural order of life as we know it, not only in the land but in the entire earth, if their evil plan succeeded.

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Timi Laja is a writer and cartoonist. He lives in Kogi state with his wife and his three children. He specializes in fantasy tales, crime detection, love stories and espionage thrillers.

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