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In his first full-length poetry collection, Joe Odey takes us on an absolutely exhilarating journey through a myriad of emotions from the first page turn all through to the end. Each poem feels like a story, channeling your emotions with as few words as possible and helping you bring meaning to feelings you have always had bubbling under the surface. This collection weaves its way thematically through emotions we can all connect with – love, loss, heartbreak, death, exhilaration, triumph, commitment, rebellion, regret, nostalgia, despair, loneliness and renewed hope. At times, it almost feels like a conversation with one’s self…gently pondering the things that your heart holds dear and finding that, in the end, the whispers from your heart have all the answers you’ve been longing for.


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  • Udy Charles

    A Masterpiece! Totally Recommended Read

    Thrilling collection of poems. Absolutely blown away by Odey’s ability to paint vivid imagery with so few words. The poems captivate you and take hold in your mind as you weave from page to page. I pre ordered the kindle version once it got released and I couldn’t wait to get the hard copy here in Lagos. Amazing poetry collection!

    February 11, 2019

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