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Something revolutionary happens to an individual when he or she spends quality time alone in the presence of God in sincere, heartfelt prayers. Most of life’s problems are solved by being alone with God. When you are alone in the presence of God, you are free to think, meditate, pray and connect the help of the Highest; thereafter things are never the same again. Someone once said that when a man works, a man works but when a man prays, God works. Spending time alone with God puts God to work on your behalf. That is worth trying, isn’t it?

This book is packaged to equip you to be a champion of God as you learn to prevail in the place of prayer. It is prepared to help you walk in dominion over all the issues of life. It is written to equip you to be a blessing wherever you are, to make a real difference in this world, and truly gladden the heart of God. Going through Alone With God promises to leave you transformed, ready to take on whatever challenge comes your way, and in addition, making you one of those that are “forcefully advancing” the kingdom of our God on this earth according to Matthew 11:12 NLT. May your life make a real difference in this world, for our God. To make that a reality is a reason for this book, Alone with God. Enjoy!

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