Age To Age Guide To Sex Education: For Parents and Guardians


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Have you ever wondered how to talk to your male and female children on sex education? Then, this book is for you. This book, written from a psychological point of view is aimed at empowering parents and guardians on the best approach to teach your children sex education, emphasizing different age groups with their peculiarities. This book also helps you realize that sex education is beyond the biology and physiology of sex alone, it also entails building your child’s interpersonal relationship, self-esteem and many more.

Additionally, this book contains questions from parents and a journal. The questions are from other concerned parents like you with answers from a professional counselor, this affords you the opportunity to see into the mind of other parents. The journal is for you to keep record of your discussions with your child using all you have learnt as a guide.

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About the author.

Tofunmi Ogedengbe is a counsellor and pubic speaker. She is a graduate of Guidance and Counselling from the University of Ibadan and also holds a certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of North Carolina, United States. She is the C.E.O of Real Regium Concepts which has a counselling arm aimed at helping people to be aware of themselves and make right decisions. Under which she has held seminars in orphanage homes, schools and events. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Age To Age Guide To Sex Education: For Parents and Guardians


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