A Guide to Successful Parenting


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This book serves as the missing manual for Godly parenting in the 21st century. It addresses pertinent issues on parenting in these challenging times and helps parents come to terms with the importance of their role in raising a child and its implications for the next generation. However, unlike some other books on the subject, the book goes steps further by explaining, in simple terms, how soon-to-be-parents can prepare for the task of parenting, what they need to take into consideration, why parents need to make the necessary sacrifices, and how parents can meet the various demands of parenting while building real and loving relationships with their children.

Parenting is not an easy job. A baby doesn’t come with a manual. Therefore, parents are like people who have been handed a new, complicated product, without any manual of instructions on how to use, grow, maintain, or nurture it. The puzzle for today’s parents is even more complicated in light of the technological, social, and other advances and influences, that make raising a child in the twenty-first century more challenging than parenting ever was in previous centuries.

The book does justice to tricky aspects of parenting such as parent-child bonding, child discipline, sex education, and academic performance. It will help parents understand what they need to do, or avoid doing, in order to enhance their relationship with their children, especially teenagers. It also provides answers to questions that children nurse, but maybe afraid to ask their parents or which, even when they ask, some parents avoid answering because they lack answers or don’t know how to approach such issues. The book aims to serve as a much-needed relief for both parents and children.

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Elizabeth Oluwatoyin Oke

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A Guide to Successful Parenting


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