Come as You Are

Come as You Are


Come as You Are reveals the true story behind female sexuality, uncovering the little-known science of what makes us tick and, more importantly, how and why. Sex educator Dr Emily Nagoski debunks the common sexual myths that are making women (and some men!) feel inadequate between the sheets.



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After all the books that have been written about sex, all the blogs and TV shows and radiO Q&As, how can it be that we all still have so many questions? The frustrating reality is that we’ve been lied to – not deliberately, it’s no one’s fault, but still. We were told the wrong story.

Underlying almost all of the questions we still have about sex is the common worry: ‘Am I normal?’ This book answers with a resounding Yes! We are all different, but we are all normal – and once we learn this, we can create for ourselves better sex and more profound pleasure than we ever thought possible.

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Dr Emily Nagoski


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